We don’t need to tell you what masterbatches are and what a masterbatch does for your product. You work in the plastics processing industry yourself and you know the importance of masterbatches as a raw material. You know what color and additives mean for your product.

All you want to know: who is behind the development and production of unique masterbatches in Gemert? Who is UniQue Qolors?


UniQue Qolors: more than 25 years of expertise


The company was founded by Tim van Schijndel, a young entrepreneur who found the ideal teacher in Henry van Tilburg. Henry’s many years of expertise in masterbatches and Tim’s entrepreneurship turned out to be a perfect combination. We grew quickly. Meanwhile, we develop and produce unique masterbatches with a team of professionals for an increasing group of customers in the plastics processing industry. We do this for customers at home and abroad, including the USA, where the requirements are, if possible, even stricter than in our country.

What kind of masterbatches do we make?


Our masterbatches are of course available in the standard color systems, such as RAL, Pantone and NCS. In practice, however, you often have specific wishes for color or quality. You may then need a combination batch. For example, a color masterbatch with UV and / or antistatic. Or with special effects, such as metallic, glitter, satin or fluorescent.

That is precisely where our expertise lies in the development of those unique masterbatches – or additive masterbatches.

Your own unique masterbatch within two weeks


There is a standard maximum of two weeks between the final order and the delivery of your unique masterbatches. Of course, there is a process beforehand. That starts with a discussion about the requirements. For example, it makes quite a difference to the composition of your masterbatch whether your product is produced by injection molding, blow molding or extrusion.

Based on the “program of requirements”, we develop half a kilo of test product in our laboratory, including a spray test image. If approved, your unique batch will then go into production.

How do we develop unique masterbatches?


It is a complex and meticulous process that takes place in our laboratory. There we have advanced color measurement systems and we simulate your end product via two heated rollers. See also the page about the production of masterbatches.