We develop color masterbatches, additive masterbatches and compounds in our own laboratory. The input can be generated in three ways:

  • 1. Based on the specifications that you provide to us

    You already know exactly which requirements a masterbatch must meet and the values that lie below them. (color request)

  • 2. Based on the specifications that we draw up together

    You know the general specifications that your product must meet but you do not yet know the underlying values for the masterbatches.

  • 3. Based on an existing sample

    In this case we first characterize the color and properties of the sample, then develop an identical masterbatch.

Each masterbatch has unique values


The composition of a masterbatch depends on many factors: the desired color of course, but also the process in which the batch is used (injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, etc), what the end product is used for, in which environment, how intensive, etc.

You not only want to know the color value of your masterbatch, but also all the other values and properties that are essential for the quality, appearance and processing of the end product. These could be for example the MFI, the moisture content, impact, and crystallization point. All those values we can measure in our laboratory.

Each masterbatch has its own documents


We collect a lot of data in the lab during the development and production of masterbatches. We state all this data in documents that you receive with every order. By default, these are the Technical Data Sheet, the Material Data Sheet and the Certificate of Analysis.

Sometimes additional paperwork is required, for example if the end product must be guaranteed to be suitable for food contact. We will of course also supply these documents.